WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres’ Top 8 2014 Oscar Moments

The world apparently loves Ellen DeGeneres as much as we do, because she brought in the ratings during last night’s Oscars’ show!

The 86th Annual Academy Awards was watched by 43.0 million viewers last night, which was the shows best ratings in 10 years.

The night was filled with hilarious moments from the host, and we’ve come up with our top 8 favorite Ellen moments from the show.

What were her stand out moments? She made fun of the crowd’s IQ, told Amy Adams not to bogart all the awards, broke Twitter with an epic selfie, chronicled Jennifer Lawrence’s best falls and compared the Oscars to The Hunger Games. Watch the video of those hilarious clips above.

At one point during the broadcast DeGeneres made a hilarious appearance when she gleefully ran onto the Oscars’ stage dressed up as Glinda the Good Witch. The outfit change came after Pink performed “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Ellen as Glenda The Good Witch

“Did I miss it? Is it over? Not cool, guys, they were gonna call me. I’ll do it by myself, ‘You had the power’ … Oh, never mind.”

Plus, Ellen also bought Lupita, Brad, Angie, Jamie, Jared, Martin, Chiwetel , Julia and Meryl pizza and collected $300 bucks for the pizza delivery guy (watch that video below).