Pharrell Williams On Beyonce’s Social Media Music Takeover: She Has “Figured It Out”

Pharrell Williams knows a thing or two about appealing to the masses.

The uber-producer can credit some of his crossover effect to frequent collaborator, Jay Z, but he’s also willing to give more credit where credit is due in this all-pervasive era of social media.

And he’s hailing to the Queen B.

“Even on a big popular level there are some artists that have figured it out. Look at Beyoncé,” he told Red Bulletin magazine. “Her visuals were so strong that the only marketing she did was either tweeted or she put something on Instagram.”

The Grammy Award-winning musician is referring to the songstress’s surprise album release on iTunes in December sans the hype or any warning, citing her desire to “speak directly to [her] fans.”

Now, after appearing on “Blurred Lines”, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and getting an Oscar nod for “Happy” all in 2013, GQ’s reigning Performer of the Year, Williams is in for an even bigger 2014 with his first solo album in eight years, GIRL.

“I have learned to just be open and just experience things,” said the 40-year-old, a life lesson that comes with age, he told the mag for its cover story.

Photo: Red Bulletin Magazine

And that comes with an appreciation for newer ways of experiencing and presenting music, he added, much like Beyonce’s successful PR masterpiece.

“…She just dropped the whole thing. She just put out a bunch of videos and her songs and was like, ‘Here. It is my art.’ No gimmicks, no campaign,” he told the magazine in an exclusive excerpt. “And it has really honestly caused the record industry to sort of take notice, well, the smart ones, because there are still cocky ones that are like, ‘Oh, well that is Beyoncé.’ But those are the old guys. The ageless ones are the ones who are just thinking forward and they realize that he who occupies the majority of your senses with something that is irrefutable wins.”

Pharrell’s full interview comes out March 11.

And to watch him perform his new music from GIRL at Red Bull Studio L.A., click on the video below.