Katy Perry Dresses Like a Super-Sized Pod of McDonald’s French Fries Because of Fashion

Today’s winning captions for this picture of Katy Perry are pretty good. I mean, the winning captions are always pretty good. I only mention how good today’s are because my caption for this photo is pretty bad. Really bad, actually. This is it: “All McDonald’s burgers are now made with 100% dark horse meat.” Told you. Wash that down with today’s far superior winning captions.

“Do You wanna play with French fries , Boy you should know what you’re ordering for .
Boy do you dare to order the , Coz I’m coming at you like a McDonald waitress” – Vivek

“Hey look, Its Katy McPerry!!” – Kasper

“I ate a McDonald’s fry and I liked it.” – Kathryn

“On Wednesdays, we don’t wear Mcdonald’s. ” – Mel

“Guess who who didn’t get the memo..” – Mel

“watchout for the toy inside” – Jess

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