Oprah Tells Lindsay Lohan to “Cut the Bullsh*t” in the Trailer for Her OWN Series

If this trailer is to be believed, the majority of Lindsay Lohan’s reality series is not about what she’s doing, but about Oprah reacting to what she’s doing. Which is fine! The world is probably more interesting through the eyes of Oprah Winfrey anyway.

Seriously though, the trailer is remarkably enticing. Lindsay, which premieres Sunday on OWN, follows Lohan as she moves back to New York following another stint in rehab and attempts, once again, to mount a sober comeback. The 8-episode series is part of a comeback deal Lohan struck with Oprah that included the show and a post-rehab interview. Lohan was reportedly paid $2 million.

Can you imagine Oprah coming to your home to tell you to “cut the bullshit?” It’s enough to sober anyone up…