PICS: Joe Simpson Gives Us More Reasons to Question His Straightness

We can’t wait to hear what Papa Joe’s gonna say about this.

Jessica Simpson’s platinum blonde, e-cigarette-loving father stopped by the Naluda Magazine launch party in Beverly Hills Tuesday and couldn’t resist a photo op.

And we can resist staring at it.

After months of dodging those gay rumors, which ramped up after Tina Simpson filed for divorce in October 2012 and continued even recently as two weeks ago when he was spotted with a strapping young lad in skimpy trunks in Miami — well, he’s hit the town yet again.

And giving us more fodder to keep questioning “is he or isn’t he?”

Pastor Joe sprawled out on the couch with his party pals at the Luxe Rodeo Drive hotel for a playful pose — you know, the kind where the hot-ish blonde sitting next to him looks terrified at the guy on his lap wearing the blue knee stiletto boots, red Spandex, American flag sweater and sunglasses… who also happens to be touching Joe’s bare chest.

You never know, maybe it’s just another “client.”

But we’ll let you decide. Click through the CB! gallery above.