Why I Support Miley Cyrus Using a Teleprompter to Remember her Song Lyrics

Miley's Bangerz Tour
See photos from Miley Cyrus' controversial Bangerz Tour.
So today “news” broke that Miley Cyrus uses a teleprompter to remember her own song lyrics, giving everyone an excuse to go ahead and bash her a bit more than usual.


Look, I get it.  A performer’s one job during a concert is to get up on stage and remember the lyrics… Sometimes we don’t even expect them to actually sing, as long as they at least pretend to sing. (Cough Cough, Selena Gomez).  So when Miley is up there using a teleprompter, it feels like she’s getting away with something a performer shouldn’t get away with.

But let me ask you a question: If you’re performing in front of thousands of people, wouldn’t you want a little bit of extra support just in case?  I mean… Most of us can’t even step foot in front of a crowd of twenty, let alone thousands.

Not to mention, I got to experience the Los Angeles Bangerz concert, and the audience would get so loud that Miley had to take out her earpiece several times.  Without an earpiece, it’s virtually impossible for a performer to hear where she’s at in a song.  The teleprompter keeps her on track so we don’t have a fiasco like we did with Katy Perry a few months ago.  In fact, I think most performers should use a prompter to prevent embarrassing moments like that.

And let’s be honest: The teleprompter hasn’t affected Miley’s tour whatsoever.  Her costumes are off-the-rocker, she sounds amazing, and she certainly puts on quite the performance.  I’ve been to many concerts in my life and none have even come close to being as entertaining as Bangerz.

Now I want to know… What are your thoughts on Miley using a prompter? Leave me some comments below!