Aaron Carter Calls Hilary Duff the Love of His Life, Vows to Get Her Back

Hilary Slams Tabloids
Hilary Duff slams tabloids over false divorce rumors.
Apparently, Aaron Carter’s still hung up on his teenage crush.

Taking to Twitter, the former child star revealed Wednesday night that he still had feelings for Hilary Duff, the girl he once was linked to in the early 2000s before an alleged love triangle with Lindsay Lohan tore them apart. After retweeting a “flawless” photo of the newly-single actress, he professed his love to her in a series of tweets:

When a fan asked Carter, 26, if he was indeed referring to Duff, the singer replied, “Sure am.”

At least I’m real and don’t hide behind the persona of being a celebrity and an entertainer, &try to portray positive feelings all the time,” he added, defending himself against those who claim he was just trying to use Duff’s name for attention. “People who have no idea who I am and/or what I’ve been through.”

Duff, 26, separated with husband Mike Comrie this January after three years of marriage. The couple have a 22-month-old son together named Luca.