Tragic, Accidental Duck Face Affects 100 Percent of Lea Micheles

Is this even duck face, though? If so, you have failed, Lea Michele. The problem is that ducks don’t have teeth, and you’re showing a lot of teeth. Now I’m thinking about ducks with teeth, and I am scared. So scared. I need something to take my mind off of the horror of ducks having teeth. How about today’s winning captions?

“Phteven” – Stacey

“When my friend posts a picture of me im like…….” – Rhys

“All good, just met my birth mother.. She’s a rabbit.” – Tiffany

“The horseface replacing the duckface since 2014″ – Naomi

“So i said to my doctor make me look like angelina jolie!” – Migdalia

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