Someone Broke Into Justin Bieber’s House and Slept in His Bed

Justin's Atlanta Mansion
This is where Justin Bieber has been hiding.
Like the tale of Goldilocks and the Three BearsJustin Bieber’s latest break-in involves someone wandering around an empty home before falling asleep in a presumably “just right” bed.

Qianying Zhao was found snoozing in one of JB’s many bedroom Wednesday afternoon. The landlord’s niece reportedly found the door to Bieber’s Atlanta, Ga., mansion unlocked and proceeded to investigate, discovering sleeping beauty “an Asian female” sound asleep before calling the cops.

So, what was the intruder’s side of the story?

According to a press release obtained by Celebuzz, Zhao told the police that she met Bieber on Twitter and had been invited to a birthday party at his house. When she arrived, she realized that she was too late for the shindig and decided to wait around. Finding the front doors unlocked, she proceeded inside the home sampling various bowls of porridges before taking a nap.

Zhao was arrested for criminal trespass and placed into “double-locked handcuffs.”

Listen to the 911 call, below.