11 Celebrity Selfies: #NoMakeup

Riri's Bikini Instagrams
The pop star loves a sexy selfie.
The tabloids are always trying to tell us: “Star’s, They’re Just Like Us!” and while that may be true – I mean, we are all human beings here – it  can be hard to remember when 18 year-old Kendall Jenner is spending her weekends in Paris walking the runway for Giavenchy like it’s no big deal (yeah, okay…in my dreams).

However, there is one time that without fail that you will almost always be able to relate to an A-List Celeb and that is when they post a selfie of their bright shining faces with no make-up on.

Seriously, this is the defining moment because as soon as their faces go bare, we finally realize that not every single one of our idols has to be perfect all the time (even though most of them still are anyway - hellooo, Beyonce).

Best of all, sometimes they even inspire us all to go make-up free in our own selfies.

So start feeling connected on a deep, au-naturale, #nomakeup level with 10 of our favorite female stars – and 1 bold male  – by launching the gallery above!