Can You Hear Blue Ivy Carter Singing “Surfbort” in This Video?

Watch this video once, watch it 100 times. Rehearsal footage from Beyoncé‘s Grammys performance has leaked and, in it, you can maybe? probably? definitely hear Blue Ivy sing “surfbort.”

The video shows Beyoncé rehearsing “Drunk in Love” which she performed at this year’s Grammys, with choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. acting as a stand-in for Jay Z. This would be enough, frankly, but the added bonus comes in at 4:40 when a child’s voice pipes in to say hello. Is it Blue Ivy? Most likely! It could be an elaborate dubbing job, but there is no reason why there would be any child other than Blue in the empty auditorium with access to a microphone. And what else would Beyoncé react to so adorably?

The whole rehearsal video is worth watching, but start at 4:40 for the real action.

[via Vulture]