In Which Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Learn All About Trees!

Welcome to Tree School, everybody! It’s the school where we learn about trees! Perhaps you heard about our school in “the media” after recent graduates Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were seen, while on a road trip, putting to use the good knowledge about trees we were able to pass onto them. Our first lesson is entitled “What Is a Tree?” A tree is a large plant that grows from the ground and sometimes, most of the time, has leaves, which are basically like tree decorations, because otherwise trees would be very plain, some might even say ugly. All of this information will be on the test, so I hope you are taking notes. But not on paper, because paper is murdered trees! Today’s winning captions will also be on the test, so study up!

“Are they looking for each other’s bootys because they seem to have lost them…” – Whitney

“-do you reckon it will fall? 
-dunno lets stand under it, last one to move loses! 
Few hours later…
Already moved on from other similar logs..
Writes song about it” – Courtney

“That giant is really turned on” – Jordon

“Do you want to be Johnny Castle or Baby?” – Sharon

“Is it raining my ex boyfriends?” - Crystal

“So, what now?” – Eli

“Maybe it’ll start raining men” – Kendra

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Image Source: @TaylorSwift