Friday Fashion Flashback: Jared Leto’s Style Transformation

Naked Jared Leto
Actor Jared Leto strips for Terry Richardson.
Jared Leto has hit headlines recently for his big career wins in the acting world, taking home a Golden Globe in January and then scooping up an Oscar this past Sunday at the Academy Awards.

And although he has some seriously incredible acting skills, I can’t lie that he’s caught my attention in a different way…

Jared Leto’s style has evolved into that of a fashion icon.  From his ombré locks to his structured skinny jeans, he’s become a trendsetter across the globe.

However, it wasn’t always that way… Leto’s style has taken some, er, interesting turns over the last decade, including a preppy 90s look, a pink mohawk and a man bun.

But I suppose that’s expected.  After all, he’s transitioned from his role in My So-Called Life to total rock star with 30 Seconds to Mars and then back to Oscar-winning actor in Dallas Buyers Club… He’s bound to change up his style with each of the different career roles he’s taken.

Launch the gallery above to see for yourself just how drastically his style has evolved through the years.