March Music Madness: Beyoncé vs. Rihanna

March Music Madness continues with a battle between two queens: Beyoncé and Rihanna. This may just be the single toughest decision you'll ever have to make. Apparently, yesterday's showdown between Jay Z and Justin Timberlake wasn't too difficult a choice for you: JT cleaned up nicely with nearly 80 percent of the vote. I have a feeling the results from today's poll will be a lot closer. May the best queen win! Cast your vote after the jump. You may vote once per hour.

Voting for this round is now closed.

Here is the full March Music Madness bracket. Click to enlarge.

Previous March Music Madness Battles

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Return each day for a new showdown between your favorite musical artists. Only one will be crowned our March Music Madness champion, so vote early and vote often!



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  • SoÙhâ GùerbÔuj
    SoÙhâ GùerbÔuj

    Rihanna is the queen for me she s my ideal fuck the hater

  • Beyhive Nation
    Beyhive Nation


  • Beyhive Nation
    Beyhive Nation


  • kingjig

    Beyoncé is the queen , Bow down hater's ...#beehives

  • Fadi Danger
    Fadi Danger

    Rihanna is the QUEEN OF POP

  • Kahla Marshall
    Kahla Marshall

    Reallly yo ! Rihanna is not even in a category with the queen bey ! BEYONCE IS A LEGEND AND HAS MET AND PERFORMED WITH LEGENDS LOL THIS IS A NO BRAINER QUEEN BEY ALL THE WAY !

  • nanasparkles90

    lets all admit RihYAWNA sucks live !

  • Briana Smith
    Briana Smith


  • Manuel LaBoy
    Manuel LaBoy

    Rihanna is everything fuck the beynonsense

  • nanasparkles90

    Fuck Rihanna BEYONCE IS KING!!! Beyonce has the vocals and the body and her music is superb! Not rihanna that talentless horrible live singing smut!

  • Harold Galac
    Harold Galac

    Rihanna is the winner, they should end the poll. One battle a DAY right?