‘RHONY’ Stars Kristen Taekman and Heather Thomson On the Housewives Curse… and Ramona Singer

We’ve witnessed far too many marriage meltdowns on reality TV.

But it’s the curse theory of the Real Housewives franchise that continues to make headlines. Most recently, Ramona Singer has added her name to the long list (a whopping 17!) of casualty couples.

Which begs the question, why would anyone willingly sign up for the show?

New Big Apple star Kristen Taekman has the answer that has kept her marriage strong, even in front of the camera.

“We fight, we bicker. We have a two and a five-year-old. So, you know, we’re still changing diapers,” she told CB! of her husband Josh, co-founder of EBOOST. “And my daughter still gets up some nights, and that just really weighs heavy on us as a couple.

“And then towards the end of the season, I decided that our bickering is our personal form of flirting. So I’m going to stick with that,” she added.

During the sixth season, which premieres Monday, the 36-year-old model mom says you’re going to see it all — the good and the bad.

“I feel like [Josh] and I at every level, sort of have like been there, done that. And we have a really strong relationship and I think that the conflict that you see with Josh and I this season,” she said. “I know you saw it in some of the teasers and I think it’s like all real life stuff. I mean a lot people are like, ‘Why would you want to show that?’ I’m like because it’s real.

“[We] are definitely not going anywhere. I think it’s healthy. And I hope that people appreciate me for showing that. I can’t hide it.”

Going into her second season on the hit series, Heather Thomson has learned some valuable lessons from her castmates who appeared to have solid marriages on TV, but headed to Splitsville, including Singer and former countess, Luann de Lesseps.

“The marriage has to come first. And I think a lot of the talk and the buzz you hear about the marriages that do fall apart on camera or after filming or being on the show, a lot of those guys are on the show as much as the chicks are,” Thomson said. “And I think then it becomes ‘what comes first here?’ Is it the TV show that’s most important? Or is it the marriage? And, you know, my marriage comes first and foremost over anything at all.”

The shapewear designer and her husband even have a strategy for success when it comes to filming.

“We divide and conquer,” the married mother of two added of her husband Jonathan. If filming a scene with me means that the kids are going to be home with a nanny again, he doesn’t come,” she admitted.

“If there’s times when we’re filming and in order to show the reality of my life that involves Jonathan… then he’s there for that.”

Thomson insists it’s important to remember who’s the housewife and who’s the house husband.

“Remembering who signed on to be the housewife is important in the marriage and making sure that your marriage always comes first above anything in your life,” she said. “That’s my ammo. That’s how we roll.”

In the meantime, these women have lent a supportive ear — or text — to Ramona, who filed for divorce in January amid allegations her husband Mario cheated and got another woman pregnant.

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“I think we can definitely say we’ve had drinks and we’ve texted,” said Taekman.

“When you’re going through any type of difficult time, you’re there for each other,” Thomson added. “It may be just having a cocktail and not talking about anything. It may just be sending a text to let them know that you’re there if they need you. And it may be a shoulder to cry on, if that’s what’s needed.  So as friends of Ramona, that’s what we do.”