WATCH: Eww! Justin Bieber Pees In a Cup and Doesn’t Wash His Hands

We know Justin Bieber blabbed to Miami cops that he had been smoking weed all night in the studio when he was arrested for DUI, so things were probably a little hazy for the pint-size pop star.

But at least he can wash his hands after peeing in a cup!

Geez, Biebs.

In the jailhouse video footage obtained by Celebuzz, the 20-year-old can be seen escorted by officers to the barred bathroom where bad boy Biebs takes the plastic cup and in all his saggy pants glory relieves himself.

Then after a few adjustments… down there… hangs out with no fanfare in the waiting area WITHOUT washing his hands.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, that’s really gross. At least the cops had the decency to wear rubber gloves.

I mean, help a guy out. They could have at least given him some Purell.

His partner in crime, Khalil, can also bee seen taking a potty break.

Sorry, Beliebers, his prepubescent rock star jewels are blacked out.

Check it all for yourself out in the CB! video above.