WATCH: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Perfectly Recreates ‘David After Dentist’ Viral Video Shot by Shot

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Oscars Sunday and performed a first-rate rendition of exploitative-parenting YouTube classic, David After Dentist.

Last night, Kimmel showed the side-by-side of Gordon-Levitt next to the original and it really is a crazy-good performance.

And JGL did his homework – getting the clothes, the teeth and the stance just right. Then he recreated the whole sequence, moment for moment, without cue cards.

Here is how the video is described on YouTube:

For our annual After the Oscars special, we took famous YouTube videos and made big-budget Hollywood films out of them. One of them was “David After Dentist,” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as David. Most actors would have shown up, buzzed through the lines and be done with it. But Joseph memorized the entire David After Dentist video – for no reason. We didn’t ask him to and most of it wasn’t in the script. This was shot without any assistance from cue cards, he wasn’t watching along with the video to get the timing right, and somehow he managed to duplicate the video of this kid coming home from the dentist perfectly.

This video is amazing. Watch above and enjoy!