We Interrupt Your Day to Bring You Some Very Important News from the Desk of Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell Suits up
Will on set with Zach Galifianakis for movie 'Dog Fight'

A man who looks like Ron Burgundy was caught on camera kissing a blonde woman who was not Veronica Corningstone, causing some drama with another man.

Here’s how the story goes:

It was Thursday.  A nice night here in Los Angeles, but not in the eyes of a Lakers fan whose beloved team was suffering an indescribable loss during a match against their crosstown rivals the Clippers

But one special fan was able to lift everyone’s spirits in a moment that was caught on camera for all at the Staples Center to see.  We know it as… The Kiss Cam.

Couples play along in the moment, innocently kissing each other as their faces appear on the Jumbotron… But then we see something a bit peculiar: two men kissing one woman at the same time?! Who would invade such an adorable moment?!

Well… Will Ferrell would. And he did.  Watch the hilarious clip below:


As you can see, Ferrell sneaks in a quick kiss during the couple’s PDA moment as the other man keeps a perfectly straight face… All in good fun, of course, giving the crowd a moment to smile during the worse loss in Laker history.