Elizabeth Berkley Hasn’t Forgotten About ‘Showgirls’ or Lost Her Sense of Humor

Gina Gershon embodied Donatella Versace for Lifetime.
Nearly 14 years after the release of the cult classic Showgirls, Elizabeth Berkley hasn’t forgotten about the film that made her infamous.

And, while on vacation in France, the actress and Dancing with the Stars alum took a second to tip her hat to the fans who have made the movie a success on home video.

If you haven’t ever made time to watch Paul Verhoeven’s camp-tastic follow-up to Basic Instinct, you really need to go rent a copy immediately. Berkley played Nomi Malone, a striper turned Vegas showgirl whose ignorance of the world around her makes for an unintentionally funny ride.

Berkley shared a photo on Instagram this week, in a nod to two of the film’s most memorable moments.

Obviously Berkley has also done a lot to distance herself from the movie, which also starred Gina Gershon and won an astonishing eight Razzie Awards, but we’re happy to know that she isn’t too embarrassed of it.

After all, no matter what anyone says about Showgirls, it really, truly doesn’t suck.