Miley Cyrus’ Obsession with Fur is FURREAL

Miley's Bangerz Tour
See photos from Miley Cyrus' controversial Bangerz Tour.
Miley Cyrus doesn’t seem to take many things seriously. She doesn’t particularly care what the world thinks about her.  She definitely doesn’t care how much of her ass you see. And she 100% could give a sh*t less about all you PETA-loving enthusiasts… Because one thing she does take seriously: Her obsession with fancy furs.

Now, in her defense, who knows if these coats she wears are real or faux.  Either way, they have animal lovers all over the world getting very angry, but she just “can’t stop” wearing them.  From her Jingle Ball performance in 2013 to her Bangerz Tour wardrobe, she’s made sure almost every one of her costumes lately includes a touch of fur, feathers or fuzz.

Launch the gallery above to see for yourself…