WATCH: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Spotted “Playing Around” in a Texas Dance Studio

On again, off again couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continued their romp through Texas on Friday, visiting a dance studio for what appeared to be a quick one-on-one session.

Celebuzz spoke with the owner of Action Dance Studio, who claims the pair were polite, cooperative, and seemed very much back together.

Yair Cruz told CB! that the pair initially called the studio to practice and that they “were very nice and cooperative.”

He added the former couple, who seem to be on-again, needed a space to practice a dance.”They were dancing together and playing around,” he said.

And because it’s Jelena, the owner gave them free studio time for their two-hour session.

“I was honored for them to be at the studio,” he said.

The visit was also captured on Instagram, showing an image of their signatures on the mirrored walls of the studio and a brief video of their exit.

It’s good to note that Selena can be heard thanking the employees as she left the building.

But as far as what they were practicing for, we aren’t sure. Selena does have a show tonight in Hidalgo, Texas, so it’s possible Justin may surprise the crowd. It’s also possible they were just having a bit of fun.

Either way, let’s hope she can knock some sense into Pop’s resident bad boy.