16 Celebs Who Are ‘A-OK’ with PDA

Miley Kissed a Girl
Miley Cyrus kisses another songstress that's not Katy Perry.
“Darla, would you think me forward if I asked you for a… big wet one?” Ahhh, you have to love Alfalfa’s classic line to Darla from the 1994 movie, The Little Rascals. Did people in the ’90s really use the words, “big wet one” when referring to a kiss?

Nowadays, it seems like there are a million different words synonymous with a kiss. If you’re British, you might call a kiss, “a snog.” There’s also, a smooch, a peck, and the ever popular, swap of slobbery spit. Whether you’re kissing, snogging, making out, or macking on, one thing’s for sure… ain’t nobody got time for bad breath! In the movies, a kiss–especially a first kiss– is a magical and memorable moment in time. But let’s be real…. almost all first kisses are super slimy and awkward. It takes time to truly perfect the art of swapping spit.

That’s why we’ve compiled a gallery of celebrity couples who seem to have their lip locking in sync. Check it out!