Watch Justin Bieber Act Like a Real Sh*thead During a Deposition

Well this shouldn't win him any fans. TMZ has obtained videos from a recent deposition with Justin Bieber, in which he continually challenges the lawyers, twists their words, argues with them and, at one point, storms off because they dared bring up She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Selena Gomez).

For anyone who ever said children are our future, here's where you eat your words.

Bieber was being deposed for a lawsuit alleging that his bodyguard beat up a photographer. If anything, his attitude here makes me wish "being a prick" was a class A felony. The first video is nearly impossible to watch all the way through, it's so thoroughly unpleasant. But if you make it all the way through, there's two more!

Here's the first, in which he gets hissy over Selena Gomez:

And here Justin Bieber confuses the words for "detrimental" and "instrumental." Better lay off the sizzurp, Bieber.



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  • namaya

    I can't believe you guys. I mean, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber but I think this article is just ridiculous. Did you even watch the videos? The 'lawyer' was asking Bieber all sorts of questions that had nothing to do with the deposition at all! if I was Bieber, I would have walked out of that one as well. It makes absolutely no sense that everyone is blaming him for being disrespectfull, while the lawyer was clearly provoking him to be so. Sure, maybe it would have been smarter not to respond to this lawyer's irresponsible behaviour, but come on, I am not surprised Bieber turned out to be like this if the whole world has made it their hobby to destroy him.

  • Ja Yi
    Ja Yi

    I can't tell if he like half asleep, high, retarded or all.

  • aje323

    He needs a smack upside the head. What a little prick.