Miley Cyrus Misses Costume Change, Performs In Her Underwear Instead

Miley Motorboats
Miley Cyrus' face gets stuck in someone's dirty pillows.
Make no mistake, Miley Cyrus is all serious business when it comes to twerking in her skivvies.

During one of her Bangerz Tour shows this weekend, the “We Can’t Stop” accidentally ran out of time for her costume change in between songs. Like a true professional, Our Lady of Tongue-Wagging took it like a champ and decided that not missing her cue was far more important than pants, stepping out onstage — and performing “23” — entirely in her underwear.

A few fans captured the new costume — or lack there of — on film, tweeting:

The 21-year-old singer explained about the mishap after the show, writing on her Twitter:

However, it’s not like concertgoers were really missing anything. From what we’ve seen during Cyrus’ previous shows, all she forgot to put on was a pair of assless chaps.

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