I Paid Good Money to See Miley Cyrus in Concert...

... and all I got were some lousy, muffled "bagrsas!" and "warkoangabulas!" Next time, Miley, won't you think a little more of your fans and a little less of Amazon Ashley's bosom? You can motorboat her whenever you want; does it need to be when you're meant to be singing? Sigh. Anyway, in addition to the muffled sounds of motorboated breasts, I also got today's winning captions, so things could be worse, I suppose...

"Where is it ? I know I left my dignity in here somewhere" - Heather

"Mix my milk, with yo cocoa puffs. Milky milky cocoa!" - Janae

"I dive into the wrecking balls!" - Naruzziella

"Maybe if I bury my face in these big boobs, my ass will grow!" - Marlene

"Got milk???" - Lexy

"Do you have an achy breaky heart in there too? Maybe you'll be a better dad." - Jesse

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  • Fawn Whitehouse
    Fawn Whitehouse

    Miley's parents may have had there differences but what happened between them had nothing to do with how miley decided to go from a childs icon and idle to the way she is now she choose to do the stuff she does and personaly I think she should grow up she is a very beautiful girl and very talented just like her father and it isnot his fault every has there own problem's and miley decided to be the way she is so please dont blame her father it isnt his fault