I Paid Good Money to See Miley Cyrus in Concert…

… and all I got were some lousy, muffled “bagrsas!” and “warkoangabulas!” Next time, Miley, won’t you think a little more of your fans and a little less of Amazon Ashley’s bosom? You can motorboat her whenever you want; does it need to be when you’re meant to be singing? Sigh. Anyway, in addition to the muffled sounds of motorboated breasts, I also got today’s winning captions, so things could be worse, I suppose…

“Where is it ? I know I left my dignity in here somewhere” – Heather

“Mix my milk, with yo cocoa puffs. Milky milky cocoa!” – Janae

“I dive into the wrecking balls!” – Naruzziella

“Maybe if I bury my face in these big boobs, my ass will grow!” – Marlene

“Got milk???” – Lexy

“Do you have an achy breaky heart in there too? Maybe you’ll be a better dad.” – Jesse

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