David Gandy Takes His Hot Self to the 5th Annual Rodial Beautiful Awards

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In Bed With David Gandy
Imagine waking up to a shirtless David
Now, let’s all take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is David Gandy. Are you appreciating? Good.

The male model put his beauty on full display last night in London at the 5th annual Rodial Beautiful Awards. What are the Rodial Beautiful Awards? Why, they’re awards celebrating beautiful people and things. This is real. 

Obviously David took home the award for Man of the Year. I mean, look at him. Does it get more beautiful than that? Not really. Especially in that Thom Sweeney three-piece suit. I don’t know about you guys, but I am very much into it.

So, can we think of other things to give David awards for? He’s already got beauty, what about an award for style? Grace? Poise? The bluest eyes in the history of blue eyes? Any one of those should work. Check out all the photos of the hottie in the gallery. Thank you, Earth, forgiving us this beautiful man.