Here Are Your Most Overexposed Celebrities of 2014

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Most Overpaid
These actors are making bank but bombing at the box office.
The results are in!

After using super fancy technology a polling system, Forbes has determined this year’s most overexposed celebrities according to the public, releasing its annual top 10 list to the world this Tuesday. From pop singers to reality starlets, this roundup is full of very familiar faces.

Though overexposed have have been used as a negative term in the past, E-Poll Market Research president Gerry Philpott — who joined forces with the publication to compile the list — says that having too much exposure isn’t necessarily a bad thing anymore.

He tells Forbes, “In today’s reality show world, however, it’s a badge of honor as it fuels the fire that keeps programs going from season to season.”

So, who is more than likely going to rule the tabloid shelves for the next few months? Launch the gallery to find out.