Miley Cyrus Fan Arrested for Sneaking in to Dressing Room

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Oh dear. Miley Cyrus better watch her back.

A fan of Miley’s was arrested after he snuck into the singer’s dressing room one day before her concert in Omaha last week.

Omaha television station KETV says police reported that the man, Tucker Salvesen, entered a restricted area of the CenturyLink Center on Wednesday. He then posted a Twitter message to the pop star, telling her to look for his note.

Check out the creepy tweet that Miley’s fan tweeted.

Police say 18-year-old Salvesen’s note pledged his love to Cyrus and said her music gave him all the answers he was looking for to mend his broken heart. Salvesen was detained the day of the concert in a public area at the CenturyLink Center and cited on suspicion of trespassing. He posted the following tweet afterwards.

Live and learn Tucker. The photo below is of Tucker, who seemingly has adopted Miley’s look.

Miley Cyrus fan Tucker pic

Not sure that Miley is probably the best role model Tucker, but to each his own.