NEW VIDEO: Justin Bieber Explains Why It’s Hard to Be Biebs

Justin Bieber wants us all to know that it’s tough being a rich and famous pop star.

The troubled teen idol couldn’t hold back his contempt for being forced to answer questions in a deposition. In fact, he says it’s downright unfair.

What’s unfair? That he has to participate in a legal process every person, rich or poor, is subject to under U.S. law.

Only, it’s clear Bieber doesn’t think he should be treated like every other lowly pleb on the planet.

“It’s hard being in this position, man,” the 20-year-old told attorneys March 6 during a filmed deposition stemming from a lawsuit filed by photog Jeffrey Binion, who has accused the singer’s bodyguard of beating him up in Miami last year.

“You, just two seconds ago, asked me if it was like giving an interview… that’s what it feels like, I don’t feel like this is fair.”

“I don’t think it’s fair the questions you’re asking me over and over again… they don’t have anything to do with the case.”

Thanks for your legal expertise, Biebs.

The grilling, however, seemed to be one huge waste of time because the legally-embattled Canadian crooner claims to not remember anything involving his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, allegedly beating up Binion outside the Hit Factory music studio in June 2013.

In fact, he says “I don’t recall” 28 times.

Here’s a rundown:

Bieber doesn’t remember being in Hawaii in November 2013 or jumping off a cliff.

Well, let us remind you.

Or going to Seoul, South Korea.

Let us refresh your memory. It was October 11, 2013 when you allegedly took a “cheap shot” at a DJ Michael Woods’ tour manager after storming the booth.

Photo: Facebook

And he doesn’t remember being in Miami in January… or ever.

So, we’ll jog your memory with three letters: DUI.

And because Biebs really is a bratty child, he decided to continue being an A-list douche by toying around with the opposing attorney.

“I don’t know if I’ve been to Australia. Have I been to Australia?” an aloof Bieber asks his lawyers.

Yes, Biebs, spending six hours answering questions filled with legal jargon isn’t ideal and even inconvenient. But unlike regular folk, you have the means to hire top-notch lawyers and take a day off without getting paid. So, suck it up.

But, even with serious consequences in front of him, it seems he can’t take anything seriously.

So he winks at the camera for good measure.

Watch Bieber in full douche effect in the CB! video above.