The Internet Is All Abuzz Over a Daft Punk/Jay Z Collaboration, But It’s Probably Fake

This morning, the internet nearly broke over a Jay Z/Kanye West/Daft Punk collaboration that was allegedly just now seeing the light of day called “Computerized.” No one had ever heard of the song before, but the three together is an admittedly exciting idea so their fans were quick to latch onto it and soon it was all over the internet.

Don’t get too excited: it’s probably fake. (Also, it’s not that good.)

Our friends over at Vice have documented a couple reasons why “Computerized” is probably not a reject from “Random Access Memories.” Primarily, the keyboard line is from another Daft Punk song off the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. Also Jay Z makes lyrical references to an iTouch and a BlackBerry. Sure the Hov, is a dad now but far be it for him to openly admit he’s that uncool. No matter how many diapers he changes, he’s still the Jigga Man (okay maybe it’s me who should get some updated references).

Just because this song probably isn’t real doesn’t mean that this collaboration is a bad idea though! Let’s get these guys into the studio together stat!