A Response to Chrissy Teigen's Nude Instagram Photo Causes Her to Snap Back at Fan

Chrissy Teigen's Nude Instagram Photo
Chrissy's Video
Chrissy posted a random topless video, because why not? Read More »

Do not mess with Chrissy Teigen people.

The Sports Illustrated cover model has been slammed for posting naked pictures of herself on Instagram. An Instagram user tried to remind her that she is married to singer John Legend and that it's inappropriate for her to do such thing.

Here is the caption and photo that she posted, "Work ughhhhh so harrrrrd."

Check out her response to a fan telling her to cover up.


Lesson to be learned if you're going to criticize, or slut shame someone, be aware of what you post to your Twitter feed because it might just come back to bite you in the ass. Especially if you're tweeting Chrissy Teigen.



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  • miller82

    William Michael Bolton Armstrong you just made my day people are so bloody judgmental these days she is not actually showing any of her lady bits so get over it. I bet kelliemurray is one of these clowns who is against breastfeeding in public too.

  • William Michael Bolton Armstrong
    William Michael Bolton Armstrong

    Really @kelliemurray childish? The woman that made the comment trying to make someone look like a "slut" for taking a pic was more childish. Marilyn Munro would have taken pics like this and would u call her classless I don't think so. And for calling someone childish look at your self you have a bloody cat as ur pic are you 12?

  • kelliemurray

    Chrissy Teigen made herself look childish with that comeback. But then again she already made herself look pretty classless with the picture.