Elizabeth Olsen Is Pulling a Mary-Kate, Getting Married

Elizabeth Olsen is now the second Olsen sister to get engaged in just two weeks. Olsen and her boyfriend Boyd Holbrook are planning to tie the knot. Big sister Mary-Kate Olsen got engaged to Olivier Sarkozy in the end of February. Ashley Olsen is reportedly “thrilled” to be a bridesmaid twice.

Olsen and Holbrook have been dating since 2012, when they met on the set of Very Good Girls. The two live together in Brooklyn. Neither Olsen has spoken publicly about their engagement just yet, but Ashley has said (three times each morning in the mirror) that she is “fine, why wouldn’t [she] be?”

As for Ashley, she’s currently dating Bennett Miller, the Oscar nominated director of Moneyball and Capote. She’s also focusing on her knitting, her friendships and just sort of learning about herself right now. She’s fine, really, there’s just some dirt or something in her eye.