Go Inside Sarah Jessica Parker’s Charming Greenwich Village Brownstone

Just like her iconic TV character Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker has quite possibly the most highly-covetable wardrobe imaginable. And the shoes! Manolos, Louboutins!

So we could only imagine her home would be just as fabulous. And she doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the signature designer details.

Parker invited Vogue into her Greenwich Village walk-up for a quick sit-down (exactly 73 questions long) for an inside look at the 49-year-old actress, who gave an equally revealing tour of her whimsical and homey family pad.

Parker and hubby Matthew Broderick bought the over-the-top expensive $25 million townhouse in 2011 and completely transformed it to fit their quirky sense of style.

From the patterned staircase in the hall she takes us into her decadently-detailed double parlor with soaring 12-foot ceilings and a pair of fireplaces accessorized with hanging (and leaning) artwork, stacks of books, and a green velvet couch that gives it a lived-in feel.

The mom-of-three adds her own complimenting charm to the 165-year-old brownstone with her own touches like a trio of globe lamps, an extensive collection of signed baseballs (we can can only presume belong to her diehard Mets fan other half), and a cool ping pong table.

We’re only allowed to stay on the first floor, but there are 4 more levels of luxe living that include a designer kitchen, lush green garden, 3 bedrooms on the third floor, a master suite that takes up the entire fourth floor, a glorious master bathroom with fireplace, multiple walk-in closets for all those designer duds, a terrace, and a huge loft at the tippy top.

To see more of the huge house and to get to know Parker better (including answers to questions like what’s her fave swear word, least favorite food, and where she’d like to get a tattoo), watch the ‘Vogue’ video above.

And to check out what her home looked like before she added her signature style, click through the CB! gallery below.