Is Chelsea Handler Coming Between Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?

Chelsea Handler is making friends all over the place.

First she disses Piers Morgan on his own show while she’s promoting her book, and now her BFF’s fiance can’t even stand being around her.

According to Star Magazine, the outspoken comedienne is causing a rift between her bestie Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux because the actor thinks she’s “rude and obnoxious.”

Nooo, really!?

It seems that when the 44-year-old actress hangs out with the late night talk show host the former Friends star doesn’t act like she’s a soon-to-be married woman thanks to Chelsea, who has ulterior motives.

“He feels she lures Jen to parties and encourages her to act like she’s single,” a source told the mag. “Jen is basically Hollywood royalty and Chelsea uses her to increase her own fame.”

Jen and Justin have a date night at Locanda in NYC Wednesday. Photo: Splash

But the more drama, the better for the E! star.

“Chelsea gets off on stirring the pot,” added the source. “She loves getting people riled up.”

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