This Is Britney Spears’ Impression of Lady Gaga’s Iconic 2013 VMAs Performance

Can’t you see the resemblance? Queen Britney Spears is paying homage to Queen Lady Gaga, who, in turn, was paying homage to… a chess board maybe? I am not sure! After the jump, I’m paying homage to all that is true and funny in this world by sharing today’s winning captions!

“Damn how do I keep my wig on while I pull my jumper over my head with these bloody paparazzi here… I am bald really” – Karen

“This is what I looked like when I shaved my hair, y’all!” – Chon

“Best put this sweater on bc i forgot to wear a bra, Oops i did it again” – Natalie

“If you wanna look good, you gotta work bi*ch” – Carissa

“Peek a boo” – Karen

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