Daniel Craig Gets a Front Row Seat at a Murder Trial

No, this is not the plotline for the next James Bond blockbuster.

Daniel Craig really went to a murder trial.

Rachel Weisz’s handsome other half gave some jurors the best jury duty day ever when he was spotted sitting in a Boston courtroom during a murder trial Thursday.

Juror Sarah Downey couldn’t help but gush about her celeb encounter and the elevator ride of a lifetime.

Craig was auditing the homicide case at Suffolk County Superior Court, but didn’t quite blend in with the crowd, according to the Boston Globe.

“He was wearing hipster glasses with big circular frames — brownish — jeans, and like a puffy blue jacket,” said Downey, adding that the blonde woman he was with wasn’t recognizable.

So was Bond’s presence simply out of general interest in the legal system?

Not quite.

According to courthouse rumblings, the actor is researching his upcoming role as a district attorney in the thriller The Whole Truth, that’s also rumored to star Renee Zellweger, which would be her foray back into film after a four-year hiatus.

It’s also Craig’s first role in two years after Skyfall. Since then, he’s been enjoying time off camera with his actress wife, both of whom were spotted over his 46th birthday weekend taking in the sights and foods of Charleston, South Carolina.

Photo: Twitter