Lady Gaga's SXSW Speech: Talks Quitting Music, Slams Katy Perry

Gaga Gets Puked On
Watch Lady Gaga let some chick puke on her at SXSW... Read More »

Lady Gaga would rather quit music than be forced to create songs like Katy Perry... Or at least that's what we can extract from her SXSW keynote speech this morning.

The "Applause" singer was decked out in a dress made of trash bags and bleached-blonde dreadlocks while delivering the keynote, which addressed a wide range of topics including a difficult year and an underperforming new album.

"I'm very proud... I'm held to such an insane standard, and it's almost like everybody forgets where the music business is now," she shared while talking about ARTPOP.

However, she said she'd rather quit music than compromise her talent.

"I refuse to compromise and allow my talents to be monetized to the point that I don't want to be here anymore," she said. "I will stop, I will quit, I will retire from the commercial market if I have to do something other than be myself because if I can't be myself in this moment, then everything I have said to my friends since the beginning will be a total lie. Then what? I'll be myself until I have to make money to sustain a luxurious lifestyle, and then I change, right? No, I'll be myself till they f*cking close the coffin so that you can all be yourselves."

Her words struck a chord when she later addressed how she loathes comparisons to other popstars like Katy Perry.

"I don't know what the f*ck I have to do with Katy Perry.  My music is so different, and I couldn't be more different."

She explained how she doesn't want to be "beautiful" and refuses to make her persona all about "tits and a**."

"That's the thing that poisoned me... [People saying] 'We want you to be beautiful' over and over and over in my head until I just wanted to look ugly all the time because I'm rebellious... I've won Grammys now.  I've written albums.  I've toured the world four times... You're telling me to be beautiful? That's what this is all about Is it all about tits and a**? That's so sad."

After her performance last night, I'm pretty sure she proved her rebellious tendencies loud and clear--performing "Swine" as Millie Brown vomited paint all over her...

As for the future, Gaga confessed she has a whole second act of ARTPOP. Now, whether she plans to release it is another story... Little Monsters better get to praying!



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  • Helen Brown
    Helen Brown

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

  • Islam Izak
    Islam Izak

    i Adore this woman and Always will ... she is the most Talented artist/performer nowadays

  • adda

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  • Kayla Pettigrew
    Kayla Pettigrew

    She is staying true to herself, she is comfortable in her body and there is nothing wrong with nudity. ARTPOP is an amazing album and if anyone ACTUALLY WATCHED/LISTENED to the full speech, she is completely right about what the music industry has turned into. For her making music isn't about how famous she is, isn't about how many records she sells or if she has a number 1 single. Don't call her a hypocrite if you don't do your research on her and actually see the interviews. This is one intelligent and talented woman/performer.

  • Kailey Love
    Kailey Love

    if its not about tits and ass, then why 36 photos of her being basically naked and in magazine spreads ?

  • Joe Piazza
    Joe Piazza

    I think Gaga is a beautiful woman with an amazing body, but she is being exactly who she claims she doesn't want to become. She doesn't want to compromise her music because her music sucks now. She hasn't been able to keep up with Katy Perry sales and fame-wise, even though she's tried very hard. The day after Katy leaked "Roar", Gaga had a "pop emergency" and released "Applause".

  • Geraldine Taker
    Geraldine Taker

    This woman dresses the was she does n wonders why people think of her as tits n ass?

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake

    I've lost so much respect for her. She is becoming something she always said she didn't want to be...

  • Calin Vaquero
    Calin Vaquero

    she's such a hypocrite