‘The Odd Couple’ Gets Its Felix and Other Casting News You Missed This Week

Welcome to The Casting Couch, a regular feature in which we give you all the TV/film casting news that you missed this week.

First thing’s first: Thomas Lennon is joining the cast of The Odd Couple, the CBS pilot which is executive produced and co-written by Matthew Perry. Perry and Lennon will play Oscar (the messy one) and Felix (the neat freak), respectively. Thanks to this casting, the show will mark the 17 Again reunion for which we’ve all been clamoring. [Deadline]

Olivia Wilde has been cast in a new HBO pilot by Martin Scorsese.

Professional cool girl Olivia Wilde is stooping to the lows of weekly television. I mean it’s not a CBS crime procedural or something, it’s an HBO show about drugs and rock ‘n’ roll so she gets to maintain some of her cred. The show’s being executive produced by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, who will direct the pilot, shooting this summer. I mean, not both of them, just Scorsese. But that’d be pretty wild right? Anyway, Wilde will play the wife of Bobby Cannavale’s record exec character who “re-immerses herself in her former Bohemian life” which probably means she’ll show her boobs at some point so this show had ought to be a hit among the key “14-year-olds secretly watching their parents’ HBO” and “horny/nostalgia dads” demos. [Variety]

Warner Bros. is releasing a sequel to The Lego Movie.

This isn’t exactly casting news, but Warner Bros. has officially announced a sequel to The Lego Movie, by way of announcing it will be directed by Chris McKay, who worked as an animation co-director on the first film. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the original, will executive produce this one. The film will be a straight sequel with the same characters, though Warner Bros. is reportedly considering a spin-off about the Ninjago character as well. I don’t really have any jokes about this, I just wanted to make sure you were all aware that the first Lego Movie is perfect and that there’s a second one on the way. [Deadline]

Anna Camp has been cast in the ABC pilot Damaged Goods.

Anna Camp is going to star in an ABC comedy about gender politics called Damaged Goods. Depending on your tastes, Camp is familiar to you either as Mindy’s best friend who mysteriously disappeared on The Mindy Project or as the crazy Jesus lady from True Blood. Camp plays a lawyer who gets the promotion her boyfriend thought he was getting and then dumps her. Or something. Fifth-wave feminism is a thirty-minute comedy on ABC. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Tom Bergeron is leaving America's Funniest Home Videos.

And last but not least, Tom Bergeron is leaving America’s Funniest Home Videos. In related news: America’s Funniest Home Videos is still on television. That’s right, after more than a decade, Bergeron is walking away. (He will continue to host Dancing with the Stars so your aunt needn’t panic.) AFV is approaching its 25th anniversary next year. Can you believe it? Twenty-five years of kids kicking a soccer ball at their dad’s groin! It just goes to show you that Americans really will watch anything. Up next: a half-hour of painful household accidents! Sounds good!! [Vulture]