The Man Bun Trend Has Taken Over

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By now you can expect that every year there will be some trendy new hairstyle causing some sort of commotion within the celebrity world.

What you don’t usually expect is that specific trend coming from Hollywood’s biggest hunks like say, Jared Leto (or maybe you do expect it, he’s more on top of what’s “in and “out than the majority of girls I know).

That’s right, this years hottest new trend calls our favorite A-List men to the front line and is causing quite a stir while doing so, but nevertheless is spreading like wildfire.

Enter, the Man Bun.

Now what, you may ask, is a Man Bun? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Guys with flowing, long, gorgeous locks – eh-hem, Gavin Rossdale  - who are sick of having hair in their faces 24/7 now are throwing their tresses up in buns, much like the ladies do.

All I can say is, any guy who is good looking enough to rival women with their hair length, and then be bold enough to style it on top of that is A-OK in my book.

Launch the gallery above to see how these men make buns masculine and sexy.