Watch Kylie Minogue take BuzzFeed’s “Which Kylie Are You?” Quiz

Kylie Minogue dons a racy webbed dress, but is it age appropriate?
If you’ve ever taken a quiz on BuzzFeed, you know how addicting they can be. You’ll also be familiar with how awesomely right they always seem to be.

Kylie Minogue took her first quiz this week, figuring out all of that first hand. Funnily enough, she also figured out which “Kylie” she was after taking the “Which Kylie Are You?” Quiz.

You’ve got to watch the video. Kylie could not be funnier or more game for the quiz that pokes fun as much as it is nostalgic.

We wouldn’t expect anything less though. This is the woman who surprised a super fan with one hell of a live performance in his gym.