Why Cara Delevingne is the Ultimate “It-Girl” in the Fashion World Right Now

Michele and Cara
Are Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevingne dating?
Cara, Cara, Cara.

The name on everyone’s lips in the Fashion World (and pretty much the rest of the world too.)

It isn’t really anything new that Cara Delevingne is the talk of the town (New York, Paris, Los Angeles – you name it, she’s got it) but what some of you may be wondering is: what exactly has kept her in the lime light for so long, while other top models have eventually had their lights dimmed down on them?

Well, a number of things.

For one, Karl Lagerfeld recently announced to Elle Magazine that he believes Miss Delevingne to be the “Next Kate Moss.” A bold and incredibly flattering statement indeed – but seeing as Cara still hasn’t given us any reason to stop looking to her for style tips, originality, and inspiration – I can see where he is going with this one, even if Kate Moss is still very much around.

Cara also never fails to let her personality show through, at least a bit more than your average model,  in all that she does and that in itself is reason enough for to keep her on your radar.

I mean, we all can appreciate a little bit of realness for once when it comes to the Fashion Industry can’t we?

Mm-hmm, That’s what I thought.

Launch the gallery above to read the 10 reasons why Cara is the ultimate “It-Girl” of this year…and possibly until the end of time.