Amanda Seyfried: Accidental Terrorist

Thanks to the TSA, air travel is now completely safe and planes never get lost or anything. Which is why it’s such a surprise to learn that occasionally some things slip through the cracks and that, in the case of Amanda Seyfried’s carry-on, that thing is a knife.

Seyfried tweeted a picture of the knife, saying that she had accidentally carried it onto an airplane when the TSA failed to notice it as she passed through security. She’s like one of those secret shoppers, only patrolling the skies.

So what have we learned in all this? Well first and foremost we’ve learned that we should all leave our Swiss Army Knives at home when we travel. We’ve also learned that Amanda Seyfried is not a knife-wielding terrorist, intent on destroying America and its way of life. And it is always nice when we learn that our celebrities are trustworthy. However, Seyfried is set to star in not one, but two upcoming Seth MacFarlane movies so maybe we should keep a closer watch on her in the future?