American Horror Story’s Fourth Season Will Be Set at a Carnival

For its fourth season, American Horror Story is headed to a carnival. Presumably, a very spQQky carnival.

It had been rumored for several weeks that AHS’ fourth season would be somehow related to a circus. Now that rumor has been confirmed by AHS writer Douglas Petrie on the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast. (The revelation happens around the 33 minute mark, you can listen to the whole thing here.)

On the podcast, which was recorded last month but released just a few days ago, Petrie says of the fourth season, “I can say nothing.” Later though, Arrow and Castle writer Moira Kirland says she’d heard a rumor about the season and Petrie confirms it.

So what do we know about season four so far? It doesn’t have an official title yet, but it will be set at a carnival. Creator Ryan Murphy has previously stated that the majority of the plot will be set in the 1950s. Jessica Lange, meantime, has reportedly been practicing a German accent for her character, while Sarah Paulson told Vulture that she is already practicing “a very special skill.” With the revelation that season four will be set in a carnival, it’s safe to assume that Paulson will be playing some type of circus performer.

Other details about American Horror Story season four are scant, but Murphy has also previously stated that it will have the same sense of humor as American Horror Story: Coven.