Cheers to St. Patrick’s Day!

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Cheers mate! Let’s celebrate!

Aside from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and maybe even Groundhog Day, St. Patrick’s Day is America’s favorite excuse holiday to drink and be merry! Saint Patrick’s Day, or as it is known in Ireland as the Feast of Saint Patrick, celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and commemorates Ireland’s most recognized patron saint, Saint Patrick. In America, we have interpreted the day as a celebration of all things green and Irish, especially Irish beer.

From pints of Guinness to cups of Murphy’s Red Ale, people spend the day gorging themselves on limitless amounts of foam filled beverages. And just in case you’re a newby to drinking a bewski, here’s a list of fun games and activities to help mark this holiest of holy days. (WARNING: This only applies to those who are 21 years of age or older.)

1. Every time the bar tender takes your drink order, reply in your best Irish accent.

2. With every fresh pint of beer, toast to a friend by singing this old Irish folk song: “We like to drink with ______ (friend’s name), ’cause ______ (friend’s name) is our mate! And when we drink with ______  (friend’s name), he/she gets it down in 8…7…6…(make your friend chug their drink before you reach 1!)

3. Everyone who is and is not wearing the color green must take a shot.

4. Have fun, most importantly, BE SAFE!

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