Farrah Abraham Has a New Video Called 'Blowin' (And It's Not What You Think It Is)

Teen Mom-turned-porn star Farrah Abraham has a new video out and -- surprise! -- it's actually safe to view at work.

For someone who totally regrets becoming famous, the former MTV star seemingly cannot get enough of camera time, releasing a music video for her new single "Blowin." (Yes, that's really the name of the song.)

In the clip for the much auto-tuned dance track, Abraham attempts to explain her "celebrity" by juxtaposing quality time with her daughter, Sophia, and shots of her partying at a nightclub. I don't know about you, but there's just something unsettling about watching someone a mother who once went to rehab for alcohol abuse popping bottles like she doesn't have a worry in the world.

Since most of you would probably not sit through this mess, I've decided to do the dirty work for you by highlighting the music video's most cringe-worthy moments.

1. These tweets of praise. Seriously, Abraham is essentially patting yourself on the back for basically making bad decisions in life. Good job.

2. More shameless self-promotion.

3. This duck face. Come on, since when are duck faces not cringe-worthy?

4. The amount of drinking in this video. Did Abraham forget that she was guilty of DUI and went to rehab for alcohol abuse? 5. "Your blowin." "Celeburty." Seriously, who wrote these lyrics?

6. Oh.



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  • Selenia Abad
    Selenia Abad

    The lyrics are fine but her singing not so much! At least she's trying... I guess lol!

  • Molly Jennings
    Molly Jennings

    Sorry to say, her talent is probably "blowin" lmao

  • Molly Jennings
    Molly Jennings

    I guess any publicity is good publicity for her. Singing is definately not her talent. Sorry to say

  • Nicole Dunbar
    Nicole Dunbar

    Who wrote this song? Better yet who allowed this girl to get on a mic and bother recording?! This is terrible. I am an artist and I can tell you this has to be a goddamn joke. Smh just as bad as her backdoor video