Here’s 3 Reasons Why Chris Brown Was Kicked Out of Rehab

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Chris Brown is still behind bars for violating his probation, but it all started when he violated the rehab center’s very specific rules created for the rage-prone singer.

According to TMZ, the Malibu facility where the 24-year-old has been getting treatment for anger management created strict guidelines for him to follow, stemming from his assault against Rihanna in 2009.

To protect the women at the facility from potentially being harmed by the controversial crooner, rule No. 1 was to stay two feet away from all the females. But Brown couldn’t keep his hands to himself and broke that regulation when he touched elbows and hands with one of the women, per the site.

The entitled superstar also refused to take a drug test after returning from an approved outing (even though he later tested negative), and third time’s the charm when he took the idea of opening up during a group session to another level when he went too far with some of his comments.

But while Brown has been locked up in a Los Angeles jail since Friday without bail, RiRi has moved on by rekindling her romance with Drakeall across Europe while he’s been in tour.

Despite landing at midnight from a flight from Paris, the jet-setter jetted straight from the airport to Meatpacking hotspot The Raven to see her friend DJ Spade, and spent the evening sipping on Coronas and dancing until closing, according to our eyewitnesses.

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