Kate Winslet Finally Explains Her Son Bear Blaze’s Really Weird Name

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What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot of really deep meaning.

Kate Winslet, the latest celebrity to give her son a moniker that’ll for sure get his ass kicked in the playground, took to Ellen this week to explain just why she chose an peculiar name — Bear Blaze — for her newborn. According to the Oscar winner, “Bear” had been in her life for quite some time.

“We settled on [the name] Bear quite early on. A friend of mine when I was younger was nicknamed Bear and I’ve just always really loved him,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres. “He was very much a bear. He was everyone’s shoulder to cry on. He was a big bear hug. He was just this great figure in my life.”

As for her new son’s equally-unusual middle name? Winslet said the name commemorates the moment she had met her husband, Ned Rocknroll.

“My husband and I met in a house fire basically,” she said, referring to the literal blaze that burned down most of Sir Richard Branson’s home in 2011. “The house burnt down and we survived, but we wanted something of the fire and so Blaze was the name we came up with.”

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