Miley and Demi End Their Friendship over Twitter

Demi Disses Disney
Demi Lovato slams Disney for eating disorder joke.
It all started off long, long ago…

Miley Cyrus made a YouTube video mocking Demi Lovato, her gap tooth, and Selena Gomez.  Though the two were able to make a comeback after that as very best friends, it appears things have taken a turn for the worse…

Earlier this month, Demi took to Twitter to post a what appeared to be a jab at Miley:


Obviously, we know these are all the words Miley typically uses, and it looks like the “We Can’t Stop” singer didn’t take it too kindly:

Yikes! An unfollow is the ultimate slap in the face these days… There’s no coming back from that! Unless you’re taking revenge and making a comeback for your own sake, which Demi was not afraid to do:



Now Demi may have gotten the last word, but if we’re being fair here… Miley’s been pretty busy “killing it” herself these days, wouldn’t you say?

PS: Here’s a look back at the video that started it all:

Whose side are you on? Demi’s or Mileys? Let me know in the comments below!