Miley and Demi End Their Friendship over Twitter

Demi Disses Disney
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It all started off long, long ago...

Miley Cyrus made a YouTube video mocking Demi Lovato, her gap tooth, and Selena Gomez.  Though the two were able to make a comeback after that as very best friends, it appears things have taken a turn for the worse...

Earlier this month, Demi took to Twitter to post a what appeared to be a jab at Miley:


Obviously, we know these are all the words Miley typically uses, and it looks like the "We Can't Stop" singer didn't take it too kindly:

Yikes! An unfollow is the ultimate slap in the face these days... There's no coming back from that! Unless you're taking revenge and making a comeback for your own sake, which Demi was not afraid to do:



Now Demi may have gotten the last word, but if we're being fair here... Miley's been pretty busy "killing it" herself these days, wouldn't you say?

PS: Here's a look back at the video that started it all:

Whose side are you on? Demi's or Mileys? Let me know in the comments below!



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  • Dasha Fialkina
    Dasha Fialkina

    Of course Demi! I don't like Miley, she irritates me and I think the best friend for Dems is Selena :-)

  • Darren Fletcher
    Darren Fletcher

    SELENATOR till death!!!!!!

  • Nikki Collins
    Nikki Collins

    That was a parody not a diss. Y'all have no life and they probably unfollowed each other because of dirty ass Cheyne.

  • Becca Barrington
    Becca Barrington

    Im on Demi's side, she went through some hard times but she worked it out and she is still a good honorable role model. I just pray Noah (miley's sister) has more smarts! The Cyrus family is a family of beautiful people inside and out but Miley is behaving in a way that protrays she has no self respect or respect for her family, what she is doing (her dancing and provocative lyrics) is slutty and unattractive. I am a fan of both of them, but miley has gone off the deep end and someone needs to throw her a life saver, if she will even take it!

  • Brittany De'Nee Moore
    Brittany De'Nee Moore

    Neither. I love both and there is NO story here. Demi said it herself that is something petty meaning it can be totally fixed most likely. Who gives a shit if someone unfollows you on Twitter? It's not that deep. I think they will come back together in time (at least I hope so).