Miley’s Got Back (Sort Of)

Miley Motorboats
Miley Cyrus' face gets stuck in someone's dirty pillows.
Miley Cyrus likes big butts (and big boobs), and she cannot lie.

The “We Can’t Stop” singer just couldn’t stop herself from hopping on stage and singing along to “Baby Got Back” at a New Orleans karaoke joint… And, of course, made sure to get in some quality twerking time, too.

I personally find Miley entertaining, but things got a little rough when she attempted shaking her booty for the crowd and nothing appeared to be moving… Those damn high-waisted shorts just aren’t the same as a thong leotard!

Between her Bangerz tour, rolling joints with Wayne Coyne, staying safe from burning tour buses and now karaoking, Miley’s sure been busy lately!

Launch the video above to see her rap debut for yourself.