Yep, Farrah Abraham’s Father Is Also Writing a Book

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This is happening.

Farrah Abraham’s father is jumping on the book bandwagon and hoping to ride his daughter’s porn star coattails into bestselling history.

Somehow he thinks a lot of people care about what he has to say, but only time will tell if the exposé will sell.

Michael Abraham tells Celebuzz that he’s been working on the tome ever since his sex tape-maker daughter starred on Teen Mom and plans to release it this year.

“It’s about being a grandfather and a parent to Farrah and [her daughter] Sophia,” he said.

And if you thought it was over at Farrah’s sex toy line, fake boyfriends and Backdoor sequels, he promises even more shock and awe.

“It will address things you didn’t see on TV and things nobody has ever heard of,” he revealed.

“It’s about our struggles and our blessings. It will address some of our hardships, being on a reality TV show and the real hard facts from the last year.”

For example, his part — or non-part — in her sex tape stardom.

“Vivid [Entertainment] and the press made me look like I negotiated that deal and I did not,” Michael said.

“There are going to be some exchanges in there between [Vivid CEO] Steve Hirschand myself and a few things I discussed with him because he has children too.”

And Farrah’s most recent bombshell that she was physically abused by her father and mother, Debra Michaelson, claiming they used a leather belt to beat her when she misbehaved as child, won’t go unaddressed. He’s speaking about it for the first time.

“I think I disciplined my daughter once and Farrah and I talked about it after filming,” said Michael, adding that he appeared on camera with Farrah and Dr. Jenn Berman for Couples Therapy, scenes he said VH1 didn’t air. “I did not abuse her and any discipline was just and fair.”

“I don’t think Farrah would let me care for Sophia as I’ve done if I had done anything out of line. I love my daughter.”

“People don’t understand. When you deal with a controversial subject such as teen pregnancy and the dynamics we were in, we were in the middle of a divorce and at the time it was very hard.”

It also may be hard to believe, but Farrah wrote a bestselling memoir last year, which her dad read three times.

“It helped me understand her and where she was at during those times,” added Michael, who will let his daughter first crack at reading his own version of the story.

But his No. 1 goal is to paint a clearer picture of who his daughter really is because besides the Backdoor, boobs, lips, nose and chin, we’re just not seeing the real Farrah.

“I want to show how strong my daughter really is and what a hard worker she is for Sophia. She could have been just another gal that was pregnant, eating Bon Bons and drinking beer, but she’s not,” Michael said.

“She is doing this all on her own. Farrah knows how to get her name out there. But her self-promotion is on the entertainment side,” he continued, adding that although she’s obviously okay with exposing herself, she would never do the same when it comes her family. (Abuse claims aside, of course.)

He’ll also include his travels to meet fans, including “single moms who have done it all on their own” and his interactions with those who “despise” his family, of which there are many.

Take, for example, Farrah’s latest musical masterpiece, “Blowin,” which has garnered a flurry of comments on YouTube, most of which aren’t begging for another single.

Here are some standouts.

“Because the first thing you should do after becoming a porn star… is pick up your 4 year old daughter… title a song named “BLOWIN”… and sing this terribly to think that it will make you extra famous… AND OH MAN IS HER VOICE TERRIBLE!!” Randys Gonzalez posted on YouTube when the viral vid premiered Monday.

“Are you serious? first off she’s contradicting her self, second it sounds terrible like FUCK!! ITS REALLY REALLY BAD. stop trying to kiss ass puto its really bad,” wrote Christopher Oden.

Others opined eloquently, “farrah your not only embarassing yourself but your also embarassing your daughter…”

Michael disagrees and defends her art.

In case you missed it, Farrah made a music video about her life, a life she said was ruined by reality TV and having sex on camera. So the recently-rehabbed 22-year-old is capitalizing on all the trauma by toasting with her friends at the club and bringing her daughter along. (Only she leaves the club for a stroll in the park with Sophia because it would be just too absurd to bring her to a bar.)

“There are always going to be haters out there,” Michael said. “You know what, Farrah’s life is completely around Sophia. And what she has accomplished, she has to have a life. So she wants to show her daughter, she loves Sophia.

“And people are toasting people. I didn’t see any intoxication in the clip. They’re not staggering around. I see people having a good time,” he continued.

“Bottom line, this is about Farrah and her life. Like anybody else, we all do things differently. For a woman her age, there is nothing wrong with her drinking.”

What do you think – will you read Michael’s book? And do you agree with his thoughts on Farrah’s new video? Tell us in the comments below.